Sous Vide Machine Precision Cooker, WiFi IPX7 Waterproof Immersion Circulator

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【Sous Vide Cooker | Precise Cooking | Safety Protection | Convenient Design | APP Recipe |  USAFFN1024919 】

【Wifi Sous Vide Cooker & APP Recipe】
Stably connect to WiFi and Cook outside the kitchen, adjust or stop the Precision Cooker remotely via your phone. Preset APP recipes include pork, steak, fish, chicken, vegetable and egg, food comes out tender and juicy without over or under-cooking, achieve restaurateur-quality as a gourmet chef. (Only support 2.4GHz router)

【Precise Cooking】
Temperature widely ranges from 77°F to 194 °F (25 ~ 90 °C), accurate to 1 °F. Time range from 1 min to 72 hours. Customize the proper time and temperature by simply taping the digital touch screen based on your preference from rare to well-done food.

【Powerful Motor & Heat up Fast】
The pump system with an 800 W motor maintains the circulation of heat and water flow throughout the container uniformly, heat up the water to the desired temperature quickly, handle multiple foods simultaneously.

【Easy to Operate】
Fasten the adjustable clamp onto the side of the pot, fill the pot with water, vacuum seal your food in a bag and immerse it under the water. Connect Wifi and download the TUYA app on your phone / use the digital display to cook. Take it off after it fully cools down.

【Safety Protection】
IPX 7 waterproof Sous Vide Cooker allows it to run safely and protects it from short circuit and electric leakage. Automatically stop when it detects the water level is too low or high, avoid damages to the motor or pots.

【Convenient Design】
No loud noise or fuss made during cooking, IPX 7 waterproof Sous Vide Cooker can be cleaned with water, compact and lightweight body for easy organization in the kitchen.