Micro-masticating Technology Cold Press Juicer, High Nutrition, Less Oxidation, Multiple Modes, Recipes Included

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[Unique filter-free design, easy to clean] - Different from traditional juicers, this product has a filter-free design, so there is no need to laboriously remove the stubborn residue on the filter mesh after juice extraction.

[Multiple juice extraction modes and high juice output]- By selecting the corresponding juice extraction mode and switching the pulp regulator, you can customize your own juice flavor. If you want the highest juice yield, try a combination of "fruit" mode and "less" pulp mode.

[Silent operation, food-grade parts] - The new motor of this model reduces the noise source, and the sturdy structure and support arm further prevent the noise from vibration. The service life of the improved auger is longer than that of the classic 7 augers.

[Compact size, easy to assemble] - 13.78 x 4.72 x 14.17 inches; it only takes up a small space on your countertop, and the chewing juicer is compact enough to be stored on a shelf. A demonstration of the assembly video is attached to the product page! The assembly and disassembly of all parts will not exceed the strength of your wrist.

[Why to use Aicook juicer and three-year replacement period] - Juicer is the main research direction of Aicook. We have been working hard to provide customers with practical juicers, which have high juice extraction capacity, rich nutrition and so on. Your satisfaction, support and suggestions are always the driving force of our struggle.