Juicers, Slow Masticating Juicer Machines with Two Speed Modes & Quiet Motor

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【Brewsly Slow Masticating Juicer | 2-Speed Modes | Cold Press | Quiet Motor | Include Recipes for Fruits and Vegetables | USAFFN1020309 】

【Professional Updated 3-Mode 2-Speed Program】This slow masticating juicer with full 3-Mode ""Hard"", ""Soft"", ""Reserve"" offers the maximum juice yield of 80% and the easiest solution to block. Regardless of hard fruits like ginger and celery or soft vegetables like wheatgrass. The juicer can perfectly separate juice and pulp, reduce oxidation, extract high-purity, high-nutrition juice, and make a variety of green and healthy juices for your family.

【Higher Juice Yield & Keep Fresh 72 hours】This cold press juicer uses fine grinding will not produce too many calories and friction can maximize the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits and can extract up to 80% of the juice. The slow squeezing technology at 80 rpm minimizes heat build-up and friction oxidation to better preserve vitamins and minerals and enzymes with the fresh juice in the refrigerator within 72 hours.

【Easy to Clean & Simple Mounting】Juicer Machines has a reverse function to avoid stuck and help you to clean. Dishwasher-safe food items and the included brush make cleaning child's play Increase the squeezing pleasure and reduce the cleaning problem. The filigree and safe design ensure that assembly can be carried out quickly and easily.

【Quiet Motor & Food Grade Materials】The juicer operates at a low-speed silent motor, less than 60 decibels, So it doesn't bother your family and makes you feel comfortable when you juice. All detachable parts are made of high-quality food-grade antioxidant material, ensuring you enjoy a quiet environment and healthy life when juicing.

【Premium After-sales Service】Technical advice and premium service ensure your 100% satisfaction. If there is any problem with the juicers, please feel free to contact us. We promise to solve the problem for you. Provide you with the perfect solution.