iTvanila Smart Cool Mist Humidifiers, Large Room Use, 5L Floor Humidifiers

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Intelligent Constant Humidity
iTvanila S1 humidifier has 3 mist level presets and constant humidity control for different seasons. The auto-control function will control the room humidity between 50-70%RH. Built-in renewable filter and activated carbon purification, you can breathe cleaner air than a general humidifier. Helps with dry skin, allergies, coughs, etc.

Accurate Humidity Indicator
The humidifier has an LED light ring to indicate the current room humidity level. Orange for room 65% humidity. Equipped with a smart remote, you can adjust all the settings within 5 meters.

Quiet Ultrasonic Equipment
The ultrasonic humidifier produces a nearly silent 26dB frequency. Suitable for children, babies, the elderly, people with light sleep, etc. Add a few drops of essential oil to the diffuser tray to add a touch of fragrance to the room, improving sleep quality and physical fitness.

Large Capacity Humidifier
Holding up to 5L/1.32Gal of water, the cool mist humidifier produces 50hrs of continuous mist to humidify the air. Ideal for living rooms, nursery room, bedroom, and office use.

Please dont place on the carpet or any towel as the fan under the bottom, the carper or towel will jam the air intake.