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A Health Tip: Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back
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A Health Tip: Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back

According to investigation, modern people spend one third of their day lying down and one third sitting. Sitting for long periods of time is a necessary consequence of modern work, but it puts a huge burden on your back. Maybe your spine is deformed and blood circulation in your back is blocked. If you're a big gamer or a sedentary office worker, you can use gaming chairs to provide support for the back, improve the sitting posture and increase your health chips.


There are a variety of gaming chairs on the market, but are all gaming chairs good for your back? Obviously not!Some gaming chairs only have gorgeous looks, not ergonomic design, and the back support effect is no different from ordinary cheap chairs. If you want to experience the extreme comfort and ease back strain, give this gaming chair a try, which is designed according to ergonomics and has massage auxiliary function. The following is a detailed introduction to this gaming chair.


Basic Features

  1. Material: the internal support of the chair is made of single-layer full-frame steel frame. The exterior of the chair is PU leather, as well as headrest, backrest and cushion made of memory foam. Compared to regular foam, memory foam is more environmentally friendly, more elastic and less prone to deformation. The seat base is made up of five nylon wheels that rotate 360 degrees, which provides more stability for free rotation.
  2. Function: the chair is ergonomically designed to protect the spine and lumbar vertebrae and has a strong carrying capacity. The height can be adjusted by lifting and turning functions, ranging from 125cm to 133cm. At the same time, height of the headrest and backrest can also be adjusted according to your physical characteristic. These designs are good for your back. The back of the chair can be adjusted between 90 and 150 degrees, allowing you to work or rest without conflict.



Advantages of the gaming chairs

  1. Comfort: the design of gaming chairs is very scientific. The back of gaming chairs is basically symmetrical "lung" design, which can effectively share the pressure of the back on both sides of the spine. It can effectively prevent the problem of back pain after sitting for a long time. In addition, the seat is designed to tilt slightly upward, which is more conducive to the elevation of the legs, so that the legs can be freely extended under the table.
  2. Speciality:gaming chairs are mainly designed for playing games, so there are many special designs. When playing games, our elbows need a point of support, and the best choice is the armrest of the chair. The chair armrest is too high or too low would affect the game play. By adjusting height and angle of the chair, and the height of the headrest and backrest, you can have the ultimate gaming experience.
  3. Beauty and safety: the horizontal appearance of the chair is cool and the design is full of feeling. Red and black color match, fashion and beautiful. Compared with ordinary chairs, the gaming chair workmanship is more delicate, and the use of materials more environmentally friendly and high-grade. Because of the quality of the material, the chair can support up to 150 kilograms, ensuring the safety of the user under the specified weight.


Applicable people

  1. Game enthusiast: people who enjoy playing games tend to sit and focus for long periods of time, professional e-sports players even sit for up to 12 hours a day. The unique design of gaming chair can just help them relieve the discomfort of sitting for a long time, while helping them to play better.
  2. Office worker and programmer: sedentary workers who work in front of a computer screen tend to have cervical and back problems. The ergonomic design of the gaming chair and the adjustable pillow can greatly prevent and relieve cervical and back pain. At the same time, the adjustable 150-degree chair can provide a comfortable place to take a nap after lunch, in order to recharge.
  3. Pregnant women and special groups: pregnant women can feel uncomfortable sitting in a traditional chairs, especially as they get closer to labor. Gaming chairs can lie flat, easy to put feet, so that pregnant women sit more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, gaming chairs are also suitable for some special groups, such as elderly with mobility disabilities and adults with physical disabilities.

Now you know that gaming chairs are good for your back. We are often confused about what to give to family members on their birthdays or at Christmas. Why not consider this gaming chair as a gift. When your hardworking husband or kids who love to play games receive a comfortable gaming chair, their faces will be full of smiles and happiness.



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